Torrent and Downloads torrents

Torrent- the online barter system

The term torrent is not new to the software fans since it is one of the widely used software and file in the world. However, many people do not understand the basic working of a torrent file and other associated terms such as the torrent software, the torrent websites and the torrent tracker. The basic functioning of the torrent is somewhat related to the literal meanings of the word. The word torrent means a flow or gush in English language. The torrent file works by the sharing of multiple users downloading the same file at the same time. The torrent file only operates in the peer-to-peer network and allows different users to connect to each other and share various parts of the file. Hence, the torrent download can be regarded as an online barter of files. It should be kept in mind that the torrent files can only be downloaded from the torrent websites and with the help of torrent soft wares.

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