Torrent and Downloads torrents


The term torrent is not new for most of us, as this fabulous file allows many users to share a single file and download it for free. The torrent is a specially designed file that works only in the peer-to-peer network. This phenomenon enables multiple users to download the same file by sharing the parts of a file.

In order to download torrents, the user needs to click on the desired files. These files are located on the torrent websites under the different categories. The extension for these files is .torrent meta-data file. In order to continue downloading the file, all you need to do is click the link. Here, it is very interesting to note that these files are varied over a large number of .torrent file servers instead of being stored on the torrent tracker servers. When a .torrent link is clicked the torrent tracker keeps a record of all the international connections that are making the same download. The torrent tracker provides the user with the details of all the peers currently downloading the same file and allows the user to trade off the parts of that file by establishing a direct connection with them. With the help of one torrent tracker, a user can download multiple torrent files.



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